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Company Culture

Our Mission 
The goal of HYT RADIOS is to be the benchmark in the field of professional two-way radio communications.  The culture of the company will always be focused on serving and supporting customers.  With this customer focus, HYT RADIOS supplies a premium of top quality products at highly competitive prices.


Trust and Integrity are the two essential principles that HYT RADIOS uses as our organisational ethic.  Our ability to empathise with others enables HYT RADIOS to establish strategic partnerships with our customers, suppliers, employees and the community as a whole.


HYT RADIOS remains committed to being customer oriented by providing premium service with all products providing exceptional value.  We are aware that only through meeting the markets requirements and satisfying our customers can we achieve sustainable growth.  


The effort and support of our employees leads to company success, which in turn provides for career development, greater opportunities and compensation, and ultimately to the realization of personal aspirations of value and success. 


We highly value all of our partners, both customers and suppliers, in order to improve the supply chain - thus giving HYT RADIOS and our partners the competitive advantage.

Social Responsibility 

HYT RADIOS has always prided itself on its obligation to community, social development and the environment. 

Core Values

Innovation & Improvement  
To be customer oriented by meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers.  We will continually endeavor to make continuous improvement in all aspects of our company.  
Face all difficulties with persistence and commitment with the purpose of meeting customer and corporate objectives. Job evaluations will be based on performance and results, as the market does not recognize hard labor and capability.  
Early recognition and fulfillment of customer needs through the allocation of appropriate resources.
To enhance competitive strength through mutual gain and cooperation.
Physical Address
HYT Radios
Communications Centre
8/75 Montague Street
North Wollongong, NSW, 2500
Postal Address
P.O. Box 251
Fairy Meadow, NSW, 2519

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